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Brother 100 Review

This is a product review of Brother CS 100T sewing machine. Brother CS 100T is a lightweight computerized sewing machine. These Brother 100 sew machine offers a number of features. See the details below for more informations about Brother CS 100 T …

Brother CS 100T Computerized Sewing Machine

Brother CS 100T is equipped with the LCD panel with computerized stitch selection, it also equipped with LED lamp lighting.

Brother CS 100T

About the stitches, these Brother computerized sewing machine offers 60 built-in stitches.

Brother Computerized Sew Machine CS 100T Specs

Brother computerized sew machine CS 100T specifications:

  • Brand: Brother
  • Model: Brother CS 100T
  • Category: Computerized sewing machine
  • Lighting: LED lamp
  • Buttonhole Styles: 7
  • Number of Needles: 1
  • Sewing Speed: Electronic foot control or slide on machine

Brother CS 100 T Features:

  • LCD panel with computerized stitch selection
  • Includes table, walking foot, quilting foot, and quilting guide
  • Presser Foot Pressure Adjustment
  • Automatic Presser Foot Lifter
  • Free Arm
  • LED lamp
  • 60 built-in stitches, 101 stitch functions
  • 1-step buttonholes with 7 styles
  • Automatic Thread Cutter: Manual
  • Quick Setâ„¢ Bobbin: Horizontal
  • Feed Dog: Needle-plate cover
  • Fast needle threader
  • Thread Tension: Manual
  • Easy Bobbin Winding: FAST Bobbin Winding System

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